by Christian Troels, 2018

For designer Christian Troels the idea behind the CORDUROY TABLE was to create a table with a richness of details to be explored. The more you study the table, the more details you will discover. The rounded edge of the table top is inspired by the soft bending of the steel tubes, and the angle of the legs make the table top look like it is floating in the air.

The legs consist of four black powder coated steel tubes, all changing direction and then gathering in one strong unity, which gives the table both strength and a light expression at the same time. Each leg has an adjustment screw in brass - a delicate little detail that makes a beautiful contrast to the raw, black steel tubes.

Dimensions rectangular version
L 55.11” - 118.11”
W 35.42” / 39.37”
H 28.74”
Table top 1.33”

Dimensions round version
Ø 39.37” - 62.99”
H 28.74”
Table top 1.33”

Oak, wild oak, smoked oak, walnut or elm

Surface treatment
Oil, white oil or soap

Black powder coated steel

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